Cashflow workshop

Now open for registration. To book your seats, please contact LiYan (Lilian) 

Date: 22 March 2008

Time: 2-6pm

Location: Temple 2nd level

Fee: S$20 per person (24 seats only)

What is Cashflow game?

The game is created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, which has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. 

Robert Kiyosaki has been teaching people how to create real wealth for more than 16 years. His popular CASHFLOW 101 game will transform the “money mind-set” of anyone who plays, whether they are new to financial information, or seasoned investors.This may be the most important investment that you will make this year. Truly it will change your life and the lives of those that you love. Like Kiyosaki says, “The more you play the game the richer you become.”For further information, please go to http://www.richdad.com/


What is Cashflow workshop?

Cashflow 101 Workshop is a 4 hours interactive workshop. It consists of 35% lecture and debrief and 65% game. This workshop will be lead by Mr Joe Lee from Actionprenuer Pte Ltd.

Through the game, participants are able to identify the relationship between assets, liabilities, income and expenses.  Through the game, participants will be able to identify own behaviour towards money. They will be able to identify what are some of their beliefs towards money.   This board game will transform the “money mind-set” of anyone who plays, whether they are new to financial information, or seasoned investors. As our lifespan is increasing, with the government saying we should retire later instead of 65, it’s time we should seriously look into our personal finances. But many do not know where to start. Cashflow 101 will help you to get started. After playing the game, you will be aware of your personal finances. When you are aware, you can then make correction. What will you get?

·            How to create more wealth






·            Learn how to read your personal finance statement



·            Secrets of becoming financially free

·            No longer worry about recession

·            Achieve your dreams 

Who can attend?

Anyone who is above 15 years old


The cashflow session gave me a refreshing feedback on how I handle my money. It also revealed new insights into the way I handle my money, no matter how much I make.  I discovered that I’m not a high risk taker when it comes to investment. I learnt to better manage my cashflow, investments and liabilities through the cashflow session. And I also learnt to leverage on others and seek help when necessary. Having played the game with my spouse also helped us better manage our family money. ~Candy Lee-Associate Manager-HSBC Insurance Pte Ltd


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