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Introducing new author to this blog!

Everyone, please welcome our new author Shi Yun, who had gladly accepted the role to be the second author of this blog.


She had contributed 2 posts on Cashflow workshop and Si Rong’s birthday.

Please stay tuned for more exciting happenings!



Happy Birthday to Si Rong !

Yesterday was Si Rong’s (27 March) 15th year old birthday.  Siew Ling bought her a cake. Below are some of the photos taken yesterday.

dsc00346.jpg Her birthday cake!



 dsc00349.jpg Make a Wish!!

dsc00350.jpg BLOW!!!

dsc00351.jpg Cut!!

dsc00352.jpgTAKE 1 SCENE 1 .ACTION!!!

dsc00353.jpgScene 1 take 2.action !

~author: Shi Yun~


After the CashFlow Workshop

The cashflow workshop was conducted by Mr. Joe and Miss Jean from Actionprenuer Pte Ltd.


Before the start of the game, Mr. Joe gave a short briefing to everyone. The objective of the game is to get out of the rat race and in order for the player to get out of the rat race, the passive income  must be higher than his/her own expenses .

Firstly, each player has to choose a card which represents their profession. Next, each player has to transfer all the details in the card to a piece of paper. The details were income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Before anyone enters the rat race, the banker will issue everyone their cash (the amount of cash depends on which profession they are).

Then, each player has to choose their own dream and throw a dice. The player who has the greatest number in the dice shall start first. When any player lands on THE OPPORTUNITY, THE MARKET and DOODADS, he/she has to pick out a card.

For THE OPPORTUNITY, the player gets to choose either the SMALL DEAL or BIG DEAL. However when the player lands on PAY CHECK, he/she has to collect their monthly cashflow/salary from the banker. When any of the player step onto DOWNSIZED, he/she has to pay the banker the total expenses of he/she had. The most interesting part of the game was some of the players who was single before the start of the game ended up becoming a parent because he/she has landed on Congratulation! You had given birth to a baby!

The problem that most of the players encountered were the difficulty in raising up their own passive income, with the limited amount of cash they had. Upon facing the problem, the players started to find a solution for it, thus gaining new knowledge unconsciously.

Before the workshop end, Mr. Joe gave a debrief to everyone and relate the situation that the players met in the game with the reality. Last but not least he answered the players queries and  ensured that the players have clearly understood the game .


Small Deal: Opportunity to invest in stocks, part time business, mutual growth

Big Deal: Opportunity to buy houses

DOODADS: Expenses

DOWNSIZED :  in reality is equivalent to RETRENCH!! 

Our Professions:
Shijie: Truck Driver 
Wen Zheng: Business Manager
Shi Han:Teacher
Shi Hong: Lawyer
Mdm Aw: Lawyer
Mr. Wong: Police officer
Mrs Wong: Engineer
Shi Yun: Doctor
Lilian: Air pilot

 dsc05356.jpgMr Joe giving us a briefing.

dsc05355.jpgEveryone is paying attentively to the instructor.

dsc00306.jpg Shi Han’s dream..African Photo Safari …

dsc00307.jpg Shi Hong’s dream..Save The Ocean Mammals..

dsc00308.jpg Shijie ‘s dream is to …

dsc00309.jpg Wen Zheng’s dream…o000

dsc00310.jpg Mr. Wong…dream

dsc00314.jpg Mrs Wong’s dream

dsc00313.jpg Lilian’s dream

dsc00312.jpgMdm Aw’s dream

dsc00311.jpg Shi Yun’s Dream…

dsc00315.jpg CASHFLOW!!!

dsc00305.jpgThe Banker is always RICH!!!

dsc00318.jpg Hmm u see if u add this and that and you minus this n that u will get 0.

dsc00320.jpg Should we buy the house???

dsc05365.jpg I caught you taking photo of me !!

Here are some of the testimonals from the participants:

Shijie,19 ,poly student:

Well, it is a nice experience for me this time round; as I have really have enjoyed the game and the sense of satisfaction of completing the game is “shiok ah”. As compared to my previous game which was about 2 years ago, I am now able to understand the game better and I feel more organized, thanks to our patient Ms Jean who explained clearly the rules of the game and also the meanings of the cards.  

As describe by the creator of Cashflow 101, “the more you play, the richer you are”, indeed I have discovered new financial analyzing skills by my own through playing this game. Interesting skills such as cooperating with other players to buy estate and buying shares through other players are all learnt unconsciously.

Furthermore, I have also learnt how to manage risk by taking into account of my financial status. For example, when I am extremely low in monthly cashflow(below $300/mth), I will only invest in shares which are at a very low price($1 to $10) and using only 50% to 60% of my cash. The remaining cash are to be kept aside for the rainy days (downsized). The $20 spent in this game is worth it as I am sure this investment will definitely brings me a thousand times more return. I urge everyone who has not tried this game to try it out because this game MAKES YOU RICHER!!! This is a chance for you to feel rich and become richer.  

Lilian, Business owner:

This is my second time playing this game and I still learnt something from this round. In this game, I didnt manage to get out of rat race like last time, which sets me thinking why. I realised I was helped by the rest of the players in my previous game. All of them had win-win mindset and had shared all opportunities and therefore I was able to have great passive income faster.   

In this round, I was trapped in the “win-lose” mindset. During the debrief, Joe reminded me that I didnt help the rest to win more and therefore I didnt managed to get more income to invest in my “best deal”. In the end, I lose out too. I find that playing this game is one thing,  but I achieved more when Joe engaged us in a debrief where I learnt more on others’ experience and my own behaviour.  He guided me in my thoughts and learning is made faster.  I’m really glad to have joined this workshop and would want to do it again because “Learning is forever” 

Shi Yun,17, student: 

This is my first time participating in the cashflow worshop.Before the start of the game, I do not know anything about assets, liabilities, stocks and how they can affect me in my life in terms of financial.





Through this game I start to know why people who invest in stocks can become a millionaire and how liabilities could affect my expenses. On the other hand, I had learnt how to work smart and not work hard.





In addition it is not how much you earn that affect your wealth but how you manage your money that contribute to the amount of wealth you get. Though 4 hours seem to be long but it was a meaningful game and I would strongly encourage anyone who has not try this game to participate the next time round. Last but not least ,I would not hesitate to participate this game again and to ensure that I can get out of the rat race the next time round.


SHI HAN,13, student:

I felt good after the game because I had a better knowledge of making more money using little fund that is through buying stock especially when the stock is at $1,i will buy as many stock as possible using how much I have and to sell all the stocks at the right time to earn lots of money.

In this game I was being downsized and became bankrupt thus I had learnt that I should take up more courses to keep myself employed to prevent such a case to happen again.  

Mdm Aw,housewife:

Through this game I had learnt that we had to grab the opportunity when it comes. I can earn more money through reinvesting using the extra money that I had earned. Researching before investing in property is important.

Another way of making more money is to give small advantages. When a friend in need, a friend in deed. Investment can be risky as it can make you become rich or to have nothing in the world. Luck can make your dream comes true.

Lastly, this game is very interesting it can makes me gain lots of knowledge.

Shi Hong,15, student:

This was my first time playing the Cash flow game and I am not interested in the game as I thought that it was a waste of time, at first. But as I got onto the track, this game proves the negative mindset of mine wrong. This was indeed a meaningful experience for me as I learnt what assets, liabilities, different kinds of income and businesses are.

As an economic student, I should learn about how these kinds of financial decisions affect our choices. Through this game, I need to buy stocks and in-identical firms to earn money so that my income will not be less than my daily expenses. To earn this money, I bought up to 10 000 shares of stock when the price is as low as $1 per share today. And when another card appears that the stock is $40 per share today, I sold all my 10 000 shares and thus my money increases and which leads to higher purchasing power for me to buy more assets or liabilities.

Finally, I got myself out of the rat race to pursue my dream in the game which is ‘save the mammals’. Last but not least, I’ve become more knowledgeable in handling finance issues and also how to earn more and spend them wisely!

~author: Shi Yun~




Cashflow workshop

Now open for registration. To book your seats, please contact LiYan (Lilian) 

Date: 22 March 2008

Time: 2-6pm

Location: Temple 2nd level

Fee: S$20 per person (24 seats only)

What is Cashflow game?

The game is created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, which has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. 

Robert Kiyosaki has been teaching people how to create real wealth for more than 16 years. His popular CASHFLOW 101 game will transform the “money mind-set” of anyone who plays, whether they are new to financial information, or seasoned investors.This may be the most important investment that you will make this year. Truly it will change your life and the lives of those that you love. Like Kiyosaki says, “The more you play the game the richer you become.”For further information, please go to 

What is Cashflow workshop?

Cashflow 101 Workshop is a 4 hours interactive workshop. It consists of 35% lecture and debrief and 65% game. This workshop will be lead by Mr Joe Lee from Actionprenuer Pte Ltd.

Through the game, participants are able to identify the relationship between assets, liabilities, income and expenses.  Through the game, participants will be able to identify own behaviour towards money. They will be able to identify what are some of their beliefs towards money.   This board game will transform the “money mind-set” of anyone who plays, whether they are new to financial information, or seasoned investors. As our lifespan is increasing, with the government saying we should retire later instead of 65, it’s time we should seriously look into our personal finances. But many do not know where to start. Cashflow 101 will help you to get started. After playing the game, you will be aware of your personal finances. When you are aware, you can then make correction. What will you get?

·            How to create more wealth






·            Learn how to read your personal finance statement



·            Secrets of becoming financially free

·            No longer worry about recession

·            Achieve your dreams 

Who can attend?

Anyone who is above 15 years old


The cashflow session gave me a refreshing feedback on how I handle my money. It also revealed new insights into the way I handle my money, no matter how much I make.  I discovered that I’m not a high risk taker when it comes to investment. I learnt to better manage my cashflow, investments and liabilities through the cashflow session. And I also learnt to leverage on others and seek help when necessary. Having played the game with my spouse also helped us better manage our family money. ~Candy Lee-Associate Manager-HSBC Insurance Pte Ltd

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